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Qinhuangdao Branch of

Northeast Petroleum University

Founded in 1985, the Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast Petroleum University covers an area of 333,800 square meters. In accordance with the thinking of "to promote the development of the high-end and to achieve development at a high level", the branch is committed to the construction of the bridgehead of high-end talents, the experimental field of comprehensive reform, the demonstration zone of open education, the transfer station of "one university with three campuses", and the back garden of a centennial university. We will work hard for the school's development blueprint. The branch offers 23 higher vocational majors and 6 undergraduate disciplines to 5465 full-time students, including 4513 higher vocational students, 879 undergraduate students, and 73 graduate students (including 4 doctoral candidates). In 2021, among the 1813 students who graduated, 1138 were top-up students, accounting for 62.77% of the total. Till September 3rd, the rate of employment was 90.18%. On the branch, there are 7 departments, 16 supporting departments, and 1 institution.It now has 271 full-time teachers and supporting staff with 28 professors and 87 associate professors, among whom 53 teachers have doctoral degrees, including 5 doctoral supervisors and 38 master’s supervisors.

The Branch, guided by its motto of "pioneering with arduous efforts, pursuing rigorous scholarship," advocates the spirit of "rigour, simplicity, diligence, and innovation," adheres to the education concept of "building up the top university with high quality and high-end talents through reform and innovation," and follows the thinking of "multi-level education and coordinated development" to establish the new education pattern of the strengthening of higher vocational education.Inspired by Daqing Spirit and NEPU Spirit and supported by the Qinhuangdao government, the Branch makes full use of the geographical advantages and talent resources to achieve open education in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, promote deep combined development, speed up the construction of the Branch and realize the transformation of education, and finally, make a contribution to the local economic construction.

Address: 550 Hebei Street West, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province

Postcode: 066004

Tel: 0335-8065810

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