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Introductionto the School of Electrical Information Engineering

Since 1979, the Automation department, the foundation of the school of Electrical Information and Engineering of the Northeast Petroleum University, has recruited undergraduates all over the country. In the past four decades, graduates from Electrical Information and Engineering have joined nation-owned enterprises such as CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, State Grid Corporation of China, and high-tech enterprises such as China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Huawei, Tencent, and Alibaba.

The school of Electrical Engineering and Information has a strong teaching group, including 9 doctoral supervisors, 40 doctors, 25 professors/researchers, 37 associate professors/researchers, and 19 lecturers. The school has two experts who share the allowance of the State Council, one Distinguished Professor of Longjiang Scholars, two Distinguished Teachers of Heilongjiang Province, two Excellent Postgraduate Tutors of Heilongjiang Province, two Advanced Individuals in Teaching Ethics of Heilongjiang Province, one Excellent Teacher of Heilongjiang Province, and a group of excellent teachers and rising new stars. Prof. Dong Hongli in the school is the Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education of China, the "Ten-Thousand" Innovation Leading talents in Science and Technology, the Young Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education of China, the Young and Middle-aged Innovation Leading talents in Science and Technology, the Excellent Young Investigator of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Highly Cited Scientist from 2016 to 2020.

The school has high teaching ability, a complete scientific research platform, and a discipline system. The school has four majors: Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Communication Engineering, and Smart Grid Information Engineering, which fit the development of new engineering disciplines. The major of Automation is the national first-level major, the characteristic national major, the national outstanding engineer major, the Heilongjiang Province key major, and it has the National Engineering Education Professional Certification. Electrical Engineering and Automation major is the national first-level major, the national outstanding engineer major, and the Heilongjiang Province key major. The major of Communication Engineering is the Heilongjiang Province key major and the Heilongjiang Province first-level major. The major of Smart Grid Information Engineering is the first-level major of Northeast Petroleum University. The school has two Heilongjiang Provincial critical disciplines in the Control Science and Engineering and the Oil-Gas Information and Control Engineering; a doctoral program in Oil-Gas Information and Control Engineering; three first-level master programs in Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, and Electrical Engineering; and three masters of Engineering programs in Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, and Electronic and Communication Engineering. The school also has the scientific and technological innovation team of Heilongjiang province on the Oil-Gas Information and Control Engineering, the excellent postgraduate tutor team, the Oilfield Control, and Dynamic Monitoring Heilongjiang province key laboratory, the Networked and Intelligent Control Heilongjiang province key laboratory, the Oilfield Control and Information Engineering key laboratory of universities in Heilongjiang Province. The Electrical and Electronic Experiment Center of the school is a demonstration experiment teaching center of Heilongjiang province. The school's Electronic Information Engineering technology center is a Heilongjiang province research center jointly built by universities and enterprises.

The school has paid attention to scientific research and social service, and remarkable results have been achieved. In recent years, the school has undertaken 11 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 26 provincial/ministerial foundation projects. The school has published 22 monographs, 33 textbooks, and more than 500 academic papers, including over 200 SCI/EI/ISTP papers. Teachers in the school have been awarded the Highly Cited Scientist from Thomson Reuters in four consecutive years. The school has taken charge of over 40 provincial/religious teaching reform, specialty construction, and high-quality course construction projects and has won several provincial/ministerial excellent teaching achievements. The school has built national first-class undergraduate courses such as "Innovative Thinking Method" and provincial first-class courses such as "Automatic Control Principle" and "Fundamentals of Electrotechnics and Electronic Technology".

The school has built a relatively complete high-quality talents training system. There are over 500 doctoral and master students, as well as over 1800 undergraduates. More than 150 awards have been obtained in various competitions such as the "Challenge Cup" extracurricular competition for undergraduates, "Internet Plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition for undergraduates, and mathematical contest in modeling for undergraduates. During the development of these years, a large number of professional and technical talents have been trained with Daqing Spirit and Iron Man Spirit and played an essential role in their jobs.

Members of the Electrical Information and Engineering school are consistently pursuing excellence and are dedicated to improving themselves. Such a spirit provides a solid foundation for the development of the school. The school is devoted to developing higher education to make our country strong. We insist on the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating students; closely combining teaching reform with the development of science, technology, economy, and society; and contributing ourselves in various fields.

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